Friday, January 29, 2010

Mascaras. Psssh.

ALL of the following mascara's are USELESS to MY little asian lashes. lol lol. they all end up falling back down. =[ so sad. Lol. (in my lashes view. lol so dno about other ppls reviews. haha xD)

Eyeko Mascara
you could use it for the buttom lashes to make them appear thicker though. to give you the 'dolly eyes' the brush aint thick so its easy to apply to the bottom lash. and use another mascara for the top lashes.

Maybelline COLOSSAL Volume Express Mascara
smells funny. lol i know a mascara is not for the smell.. but yea. lol

Loreal Voluminous

Benefit BADgal lash (sample size)
lol. i got this from the UK magazines... when they give out freebies. lol this was one of them. i got hyped and got 3 at once. went home. tried it. was so sad for the rest of the day. lol jk. bt ye. doesnt work for me.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect
does make your lashes appear thicker. BUT its not helpful when my lash fall back down again.. you cant see itt!!

Lamcome Hypnose (sample size)
lalala. same as the other ones. once i was tempted to buy it in full size. thankfully i tried out the sample, and it was poooo. 

Maybelline Unstoppable
lol. got this one in hk when i went back and forgot to bring my makeup. its way too watery.. and weighs dwn my lashes

Rimmel Sexy Curves
curve? my ass. >.> mine fulls bk down straight.

Maybelline XXL Volume + Length

lol u can tell by the packaging. its been in my house for over 1 year. LOL. my lashes falls bk down again.

No7 Intense Volume (sample size)
no no no

No7 Extreme Length (sample size)
nah nah nah

Sleek Mascara
mascara = useless. eyeliner = too watery

Elf Mascara Duo
the waterproof one actually is ok'ish tht all the above. Lol

you guys might be thinking. 'well yea. theyre not waterproof. so your curls wont hold'.. i know.. lol i bought all those when i was still a noob. lol but when i went to got this waterproof one yesturday. badnews. it didntt work.....!

Rimmel Lash Maxxx (WATERPROOF)
you're waterproooff dude!!! you're suposed to hold my curls up and impress me! LOL. by i like the brush tho. lol dno whye. i just use it for my lower lashes. lol since the brush is soo thin. so i could get every little hair on my lower lash.

This Baby (the label is scratched off due to the age. LOL you shudve seen it around in drugstores)
LOL. ive had this for over a year. LOL and still using. lol this one is like my 'wife'. lol but from time to time i cheat on it with other mascaras. (above). but coming bk to this one, cos its the only one that would help me! LOOL.


  1. Maybelline define-a-lash and Colossal both in waterproof are the only ones I've ever repurchased multiple times as they work best on my tiny, close-to-nothing asian lashes ^^. Great review =]

  2. @Linhy ^^ heh thankos for the reccomendations! lol and this is not really a review... lool just how it worked for my lashes... lol i didnt even explain things in detail.. lol =]

  3. You still have nice lashes though!
    & You have so much mascara x_x
    I'm still looking for the bestest mascara ever D:

    LMAO, if someone does guess exactly right... I still don't think I'll give away a tenner x; Just wanted to bribe people heheh.
    Yesss, you're lucky to live in London! It's so fun.

  4. so many mascaras! ive tried maybelline define a lash. the best mescara i tried for keeping the curl is the maybelline sky high :)

  5. That's well weird hun, I use the colossal one (but waterproof one) and it's the best i've ever used. There's a blog post on my blog about it.

  6. hahahaha this post made me laugh ^^ i agree with most of it them.
    i have stupid asian lashes that point DOWNNN and maybelline collassal waterproof is the only mascara that holds my curl.