Friday, February 5, 2010

Japanese Skincare in LONDON!?!?

Was jus wondering around central london yd... LOL. then came across this japaense store... it sells all sorts or stuff... magazines... lala. forgot the rest. LOL but theyy have a few skincaree products.!
as soon as i saw this brush thingyy i HAD to get it.. LOL saw it in one of QQbeauty videos. she spoke about this thing. saying tht it helps to clear pores and all tht gd stuf.. and omg. i found it in LONDON. LOL no need to wait for shippingg lalalalala xD was gna order it online as well.. ¬.¬'

Tried is last night.. it felt soo goood.. LOL. like massaging my face..!! then after my face felt soooo softtt..¬ oh.. its love....s2

Then i saw these other two clay thingys.. LOL. it looks familiar.. and it was cheap anyway.. so i fort ill give it a try.. though i cant even understand it... LOL ENGRISH PLEASE? who noes jap? help? Lol or ill have to work it out myself....=='