Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Used to be Me.

I can't help but cringe so much whenever I see old pictures of myself, I tell people I used to weigh 110kg... they would all be like oh wow really, but I don't think they could ever imagine how it would look like. I cant help but get teary because of how disgusting i looked and how I thought it was still OK. I would lie to myself and hibernate from the world, since I had no confidence with low self esteem etc.. 

This picture was just taken in 2008.. 2 and a half years ago.

I don't know whether i should be proud of myself or should I hate myself even more because I've stopped motivating myself and getting lazy again.. even thought I'm not as bad as before I am still over weight.

Motivation is so damn important.

This is a one man thing, its all up to you whether you want to loose the rolls or not, its how you control yourself, its how much effort you put in, its not easy. but its worth it.

All I hear now is all these people around me saying they're fat when they're stick thin just makes me sick, I'm sorry but its a fact. You DO NOT know how having a few rolls all over your body feels like, you DO NOT understand how a FAT person would feel. I still get all emotional when I hear the word 'fat', it kills every time I hear it. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Addiction: Flossys etc.

These news babies are my new lovers! They're super comfy and afordable, i was going to get the toms at first but then toms would need time to stretch out to be fully comfy so i went for these instead.
Got them from Office for 19.99£

I got the Navy one since it would be easier for me to match it with different casual outfits but the white one is nice too... and other colours... 

& i got this skirt and shorts from Bershka just to add some colour in my wardrobe for fun, im not sure if im even going to wear these? lol

 Then in Topshop i took about 30mins deciding wheather to get this bag or not, its nice but theres no zip?! why why why! T_T

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Melt? Gosh.

All my Gosh Lipsticks seem to be so soft and would always break on me.. just like all these 3.. i just push them back in the tube and never touch them again even though the colour is so good and creamy.

If they weren't like this they would be fabulous lipsticks that I could bring everywhere as they are all so creamy and shiny which won't show any flakes at all and colour would normally last for a few hours if you don't eat and drink contently. lol

Darling - Sweetheart - Irony 

does this happen to all of them? or just me picking the wrong ones? all my other lipsticks are working fine. just not the Gosh ones.